You ever have those moments in life where you just stop and savor the moment. Life is full of ups and downs. We all know this its no big secret. Recently I just stopped for a moment and counted my blessings. I must say that is one of my favorite songs as well! This particular moment or moments was being thankful for my family. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day taking place these last couple of months. I had a moment where I wouldn’t trade that moment (memory) for anything. God has brought my family a mighty long way through the years. Tears of joy and also tears of sadness. Thank you God for making us a close-knit family. Sunday morning comes along I know what each of us are doing praising and worshipping God!
When you’re going through something in life. Remember to reflect on those times in life where your heart was filled with love. For me I love my family but recognize the goodness of God in my life. Even through really tough times God got me through each and everyday. A unexpected blessing comes my way when I’ve been through something difficult. I have nothing but love and adoration towards God. Let your heart be open to feel God’s presence in your life. God is so Good!
Be Blessed!



Graduation Time

Graduation time!

A time that should be full of happiness and hopefully some funny moments spent with family and friends. Parents happy to see their son/daughter accomplish a major goal in life. Just think about high school graduation and that very first day of kindergarten. Your child is ready for kindergarten as you stand at the door with tears in your eyes. So many emotions at that very moment. Happy that your child is on to a new stage in life. Now the day has arrived for your child to graduate high school. A proud moment to share with family and friends. You go to all the events their senior year. You begin to look through all the photos starting with their baby pictures. You look at the photos and can’t help but think of a story capturing that particular moment.

May it be kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, or college graduations. Enjoy each and every moment with your family and friends. Celebrate the awesome educational achievement and always have a grateful heart.

Congrats to all the 2018 Graduates!


Focus seems hard to do in the spring and summer. You just want to be outdoors enjoying the air and watching nature at its very best. Flowers blooming all around and the reflection of the sun cascading the water.

Well I love all those things and do plan to enjoy this beautiful weather. I do have goals that need my attention. It’s easy to push goals to the side “procrastinate”. As I realize that it’s time to pick those goals up that I pushed aside. I also realize it’s important to pray about my goals.

I did a vision board at the beginning of the year. It’s important to check in on those goals. I see goals that I’ve accomplished so far. Truly has been a blessing in my life and still is a blessing that I’m truly grateful for as I say “my cup runneth over”.

I say pray about your goals based on making sure it’s in line with what God has in your life. Also, for God’s strength when it gets difficult to meet a goal. Next, prayer when the enemy tries to tell you that the goal is unachievable. We must be prayed up. We must set a solid foundation for ourselves in the word of God.

Focus is the word of the week possibly spring and summer!




How do you get yourself focused on a goal or focused for the day? Share in comments.


If I could sum up how my year is going at this very moment. The first word that came to mind “Lovely”.  You go through trying times and then it’s like the sun appears. I tell you that’s how I feel right now in my life. It was during those trying times that I appreciate God’s blessings so much more. I thought my faith was strong but it’s so much stronger now.

Flowers are all around and have a beautiful fragrance. The beauty captured resembles how my heart feels right now. The sky is filled with beauty as the sunbeams across the sky as the clouds glide ever so beautifully.

ITERRYBLOG started from wanting a blog about Restoration and Hope in our lives. I think this particular blog is about the importance of Hope in our lives. To remain “Hopeful” even during trying times.

I’m in awe right now of God’s blessings!



When I saw that Orla from fancypaperblog nominated me for Sunshine Blogger Award it was an awesome surprise! The first couple of months for 2018 has been full of wonderful blessings. My cup runneth over!

Thank you, Orla for nominating me! Orla’s blog does bring some sunshine to your day! I totally agree with “it’s the little things that make us happy”. It’s important for us not to forget that during all the hustle and bustle of life.

4 Rules For Nominees

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Answer 11 questions blogger has for you.

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write 11 new questions.

List rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post or on your blog.

The 11 Questions by Fancypaperblog

1 What is your best way to relax? I love to get into my comfy pajamas and listen to my favorite music. Also, I love to catch up on my favorite blogger’s blogs and discover new blogs. I love watching my favorite Youtuber videos.

2. Avocado on toast, cauliflower rice, edamame beans-which trendy nibble would you eat if you could only have only one of these to feed you for an entire week? Oh, this question is easy! I would definitely choose cauliflower rice! I absolutely love cauliflower!

3. Which dystopian world based text had the most effect on you? Not sure on this one.

4. What is your version of an actual perfect world? No racism and everyone truly cared about one another.

5. What gives you a little fright every time it happens? Well, when I was a little girl it was my own shadow.(lol) I have a fear of heights so walking on a bridge.

6. Intimidating, introspective, idealist-which is closer to your personality and why is that? Introspective-I overanalyze myself all the time. Probably why I started a blog.

7. Which year would you care to revisit from your life and why? I’ll pick school grade and that would be in the 4th grade. I had a lead role in a play at school. Before this particular play, I was in another one. I only had maybe 2 lines to remember and got stage fright in front of all these people. Shortly after that, I got the lead role in a play. I had no stage fright. It’s one of my greatest memories! Thank you to my school teacher! She has no idea how much being in that play meant to me.

8. What can make you petty? Food!

9. Zoo’s yes or no? I remember going to the zoo with my family growing up. I absolutely loved it! I do pay more attention to how animals are being treated that is important to me. I prefer them to be out in open spaces and not confined in a zoo.

10. You must emigrate and spend the rest of your days in either a suffocatingly hot climate or a bone freezing sub zero temperature. Where would you go and why? Oh my goodness! I don’t like either choice!(lol) Now considering the temperatures have yet to stay spring like I’ll choose suffocatingly hot. Yet I don’t like that choice either. Why can’t I have a happy medium between the two.(lol)

11. Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Sofia Copella or Quentin Tarantino. One of these famous directors want to make the film of your life. Which one of these would you select for the job and why? (Spielberg wasn’t interested. Sorry!) I choose Spielberg sorry not sorry.(lol) Hmmm, she’s not on the list but it would be Ava DuVernay! Yes!

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11 Questions to My Nominees

How did you come up with your blog title?

What’s your favorite go-to breakfast beverage?

What brings you happiness?

If you could meet any celebrity who would it be?

What has been one of your greatest adventures thus far?

What piece of advice was given to you that still remains in your life today?

Do you prefer to dine in or dine out?

Favorite snack at the movies that you must always buy?

One place that you would love to vacation?

Who would you have play you in a movie?

What’s your all-time favorite movie that you just had to watch at the movie theater?





Let’s Chit-Chat

Hello, it’s time to catch up with my iterryblog readers! Shall we take a seat near a window

My 2018 is starting off very blessed I received great news last week. My cup runneth over! Just think about the moments when God has blessed you. You know it only came from God. You know that God truly has a plan for your life. I tell you sometimes you don’t even see it coming, yet everything falls right into place.

Just a little over a week ago I walked out of church filled with so much hope. The last couple of years have been kind of trying for me. Honestly, I’ve had far more joyful days then sad days. You know at times during our journey we go through storms in life. It truly tests are faith and we have so many unanswered questions of when will this storm end. I was going through a storm and all of sudden hope filled my heart. Everything is going to work out keep the faith. Trust God. I walked out filled with joy and hope in my heart. Just a few days later I received some really good news. God knew what was best for me.

God truly has a plan for our lives each and everyone of us. Even during those storms God will never forsake us. God will get us through storms in life and fill our hearts with hope. We will have a testimony to share!


A lot has been going on these last couple of weeks during that time iterryblog turned 1 years old. I’ve been blogging consistently for a year now! It’s been a great joy of mine to blog. I love coming up with different topics to blog about on iterryblog. Thank you to my subscribers for taking time to subscribe on iterryblog. I greatly appreciate it! Thank you to anyone that has left a comment on my blog. I enjoy reading various comments and replying back to them. All the different countries that iterryblog readers are from is cool as well.

One of my favorite posts has to be Hello 2018, My Vision Board. It’s a lot of fun creating a vision board. Being able to share my vision for 2018 and possibly getting others interested in making their own vision board. I also love What Makes You Happy blog post it makes you think about hobbies that you once enjoyed or discovering a new passion. Life gets busy, yet it’s important to take the time to do what brings you joy! You have to have a zeal for life!


I look forward to creating more blog posts for iterryblog!

Cheers to 1 year of blogging!



Thank You – Power Through Challenge

Thank you for joining me on iterryblog Power Through Challenge these last couple of weeks. The challenge was to shine a light on Marfan Awareness Month and Heart Awareness Month. Hope you gained some knowledge about Marfan Syndrome and the heart through my feature 5 Facts that were posted on Power Through Challenge blog posts. I also learned some new facts from researching throughout the challenge.

The challenge officially ends on Wednesday!

Congrats to those that conquered the challenge and really stuck with it during the last 3 weeks in February. Kudos to you!

My family gave it a good try during these 3 weeks. I didn’t expect anyone to be perfect but just being more aware of the choices we make when it comes to fueling our bodies.

The trophy goes to my sister who really stuck through the challenge! She went to the movies recently and didn’t have a soda. I know my sister, she’s like all of us we have our favorite snacks and beverages at the movies. Kudos to her! She really Power Through the challenge!

I’m back at it again today to finish these last 3 days. I was doing so good these last few weeks and the weekend came rump ro. I need the funny music they play in movies for the uh-oh scene. I went 20 days without soda or fast food. I will finish these last 3 days strong! Thank you to anyone that joined me during this challenge!

For more information about Marfan Syndrome and Heart Awareness or to make a donation visit Marfan Syndrome Foundation and American Heart Association