Valentine’s Day Idea For Your Music Lover

Amore! Honestly, Valentine’s Day is becoming one of my favorite holidays. For a woman like myself who loves chocolate. Clearly, a holiday made for just me. Okay, enough about me let’s get to the topic at hand. If your sweetie loves music! Maybe you can relate to me…you have a sweetie that randomly sings…possibly turns into a full concert. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is a wonderful gift for a music lover. The sound quality is great! It’s not hard to set up. Of course, the Echo Dot has a lot more functions.  I am mainly focusing on the music feature. I’m not endorsing a product and this isn’t a paid advertisement. Just a Valentine’s Day gift idea and to make it more personal make a playlist for your sweetie. You can include songs that have meaning to the two of you. I remember the first song that my love and I sang together. It has a special meaning takes your love right back to that moment. Enjoy making the playlist it really sets the tone for the week. Amore!



Christmas Time

I know you’re busy with all the holiday festivities going on these last couple of weeks. For any last minute shopper…well…yes that would be me. You’re not alone! For those that already did your shopping…one day…I might join the I already done my Christmas shopping group…until then…I’ll stay with my last minute Christmas shoppers group.

So before I take off to finish my shopping. Please take a moment to remember “Jesus Is The Reason For The Season”. I’m incredibly grateful and my heart is full. My faith is even stronger and deeper.

Check your local area churches for Christmas Eve Services. It’s a wonderful time to fellowship and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.




Morning Thoughts

I’m currently looking outside my window and see snow covering the grass. Morning thought it’s too early for snow already! Yet it’s pretty to look at for the moment. I never take for granted that I can see each snowflake falling from the sky. I didn’t exactly think that would be my morning thought on this autumn day!

As I’m typing this realizing your morning thought might be let me get these kids out the door for school on time. Please don’t let me get that phone call where one has forgotten something at home. Let me just have 5 minutes to enjoy my cup of coffee! Maybe that’s your morning thought of the day.

I’m quite sure this discussion could get quite hilarious with all of your responses. Some might say please let me leave the house with matching shoes on. Where are my keys? Why am I the only one who everyone seems to think I know where everything is in this house?! What’s for dinner?

For some maybe today it might be TGIF!

Happy Friday!

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday! Do you have 5 minutes to chat it up for a few? I’m sure many of you are busy as summer comes to an end. At the same time, the school year has begun in many households. You’re getting back to regular weekly routines. I tend to like routines mainly just helps me to be more organized and it’s good for my mindset. Just something about the beginning of the school year that makes me want to get more organized and focused in my life. How about yourself…do you find a time in your life that makes you want to make some changes?

You might make changes for your family. Since it’s the beginning of the school year some changes might be to help your child/children to be more prepared and ready for school. What about changes you’re making for yourself? We all can take a self-inventory and reflect on some improvements we can make for our overall well-being.

For me, I want to get more out of my comfort zone. It’s an opportunity to shine my light and I never want to miss an opportunity to provide encouragement and hope to someone. My faith is very important to me and I don’t want fear to hinder me.

Just my food for thought on this lovely Saturday morning!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rise and Shine!

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Let’s go to your favorite coffee shop and how about a end of the week chat. I’ll get a blueberry muffin and a bottle water. I only like my coffee in a delicious baked good.(hahaha)

I hope your week has been blessed and less stress. You could be laughing at the less stress part. Probably a majority of people reading this might be laughing at the less stress part. I truly do mean that for you. Life can get very hectic at times. It’s awesome to be around people that try to create an environment that maybe right now it’s very busy yet they make it enjoyable. Laughs can go a long way during a very busy time. You learn to appreciate people like that in your life.

It could be a busy work week or just a lot going on at home. A friend takes time just to stop by and have a chat. You might even go out to lunch. I don’t know about you but that makes such a big difference in life. A good friend or friends that you can just be yourself laugh as loud as you want or even cry if need be.

As we head out the door at the coffee shop take time to shine your light where ever you might go throughout the day.

Be Bleesed!


Christmas In July!

Good Afternoon, on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I would say get your favorite beverage and have a chat with me. Maybe your like me and about to have Sunday dinner. In that case, I’ll have whatever you’re having for dinner. Right now I’m smelling the aroma of country style ribs in the crockpot. I would love to take credit but the credit goes to my wonderful mother. Now the corn on the cob and sweet potatoes I’ll take credit for those two.

Thank you for inviting me to your dinner table for a Sunday chat. The topic of discussion one of my favorite themes in the year “Christmas In July”! Yes, this theme brings joy to my heart! I’m looking forward to the holiday season. Now is a great time to think about how to prepare for the holiday season. I’ll be honest right now I’m just enjoying the Christmas movies on a well-known network. Now I’m thinking about how to decorate for Christmas this year with a slight possibility to shop early for gifts. Do you travel during the holidays to see family and friends? Do you have a special place you go to during the holidays? I would love to go to New York that’s on my bucket list. I want to see the window displays and see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. The list is a lot longer but those are on the top of the list.

I have a new love for making ornaments. The rustic ornaments are fun to make and a great project to do with your kids or a group of people. Do you have an ornament that you have kept over the years? I made a snowman ornament many, many years ago and it’s probably one of my favorites!

Of course, I can’t forget about Christmas cookies. One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. I don’t know there is something about finding the perfect recipe. Just going into the kitchen and putting all the ingredients together. Flour possibly flying around when I turn on the mixer. My nephew and I arguing over the simplest of things trying to make cookies. My sous chef that gave me his retiring notice last year.(lol) Yet he will always have those memories of baking cookies with his Aunt Ivy. I wouldn’t trade those days for nothing. Hopefully this year I’ll have a new sous chef in the kitchen with me to create new memories. I’m sure my nephew will make his way in the kitchen to sample one of our cookie creations.

Thank you for inviting me to your dinner table for a chat.

Happy Christmas In July!



Good Morning!

Good Morning! Grab your favorite beverage to drink in the morning. Let’s take a few minutes to chit-chat this beautiful sun-shining day!

You may wonder what’s the topic at hand today. Hmmm….being joyful! You ever experience a time in your life that you felt pure joy. For some of you maybe it was your wedding day and that feeling deep in your soul that you married the love of your life. The moment that you held your newborn baby in your arms and tears begin to fill your eyes. Pure Joy!

I myself was overcome with joy recently just thinking about the future and knowing good things are ahead in my life. Truly realizing the blessings that I’ve received recently and through the years. My heart is full of gratitude, hope, and love.

As you sip on your favorite beverage just think about the times in your life that’s brought great joy to you. Share your story with someone that needs some encouragement in their life. It does the heart good to share stories of how God has blessed us in our lives. For me it’s the blessings after a storm that I’ve been through in my life. God kept me and saw me through it and really never stopped blessing me. I’m not the only one who has a story or testimony to share.

As I end this blog and you enjoy another sip of coffee, tea, orange juice or smoothie let a smile appear on your face as you think about those joyful times in life.

Be Blessed!