Restoration and Hope

Welcome! Just take a moment and ponder over how restoration and hope connects us all. I realized while sitting in my Sunday School class that we all have a story. I could go from seat to seat and see how God has impacted everyone’s life. Evidently, the light bulb went off for me so to speak. We are all connected and have experienced restoration in are lives. What really came to my attention is how are situations may be quite different but the same feelings are inside of us. A moment where I understood the pain of another based on the fact that was the same feeling I had experienced in my life at one time. Yet, are situations are quite different. As I’m typing this I realize that is how God works in all of lives. Only God can take all the various experiences that happen in our lives and be able to restore us all.

My main reason for this blog is to show how restoration and hope connects us all. Also, to share my story or testimony on just how awesome God is and to never give up the faith!! I hope that others will share their story of restoration and bring hope back to families, friends, and communities.


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