Restoration and Organization

I was thinking about Restoration relating it to my need to be organized or be more organized because let’s face it sometimes you get to piling stuff up. I love to take time out to get stuff organized right now it’s my desk. I’m a tad bit obsessed with it right now. Now it’s not a large desk or even a fancy desk but it’s my desk. I love to take the time to take everything off my desk, clean my table off, decipher what I don’t need to keep and then I place everything strategically on my desk. I’m looking at my desk now family is clearly important to me. I have family photos and a lovely gift given to me over Christmas that has Family Is Forever (Love It). I have directly in front of me Woman of God lace handkerchief that was given to all the ladies at a women’s retreat that I attended this past summer. Let’s see I have a small lantern that is wintry. Of course various lotions because who doesn’t love a good smelling lotion. Right now I love my peppermint lotion. It still is winter you know.

For me taking the time to get organized helps me to not just declutter my desk but also feel a new sense of beginnings. Whatever is on my mind that is taking up space unproductive (hence my last blog) I can let it go. It’s like a brand new day. For instance walking into your home and all you see is mess and clutter. You start to compare it to your day. All that negative energy that is really wasteful space tends to take over. I’m not about that in my life. Let me take this time to remove everything off my desk, clean my desk, and then place on my desk what matters to me. Restoration let go of things you can’t control, negativity, whatever issues in your life and cleanse yourself be renewed again. I relate this to my belief I’m a Christian woman. God gives me the gift of Restoration.



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