Minimal Yet Significant

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

Minimal Yet Significant, first thing that came to mind is how we sometimes take our sight for granted. I used to be classified as legally blind but my vision changed unexpectedly right before I turned 21 yrs old. No medical explanation or anything my lenses just shifted enough for me to see quite well. My lenses are dislocated due to having Marfan Syndrome. I learned from that day on to not take my sight for granted to really take in all of the beauty that surrounds me. May it be snow falling from the sky. I truly become like a kid watching the snow fall ever so gently onto the ground. I remember a time growing up standing in the kitchen looking out the window while it’s snowing trying to get a glimpse of snow falling. I would stand right in that same spot until I could see a snowflake and it would take me a really long time to see it. It’s amazing how just a simple snowflake falling from the sky could be minimal to someone else but quite significant for me. I learned really quick what a miracle I’ve received and a blessing. So while you go throughout your day and week look around you take in the sun shining bright in the sky (don’t hurt your eyes though looking at it), look at the trees, colors in the sky, look at your family members, friends, and never take your sight for granted. What you think is minimal is quite significant in my eyes.


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