The Little Things In Life

You think about the gifts that have been the most meaningful. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive gift or largest gift. I do love me some jewelry though.(lol) Somehow the person captured your creativity or personality. A gift that captured what’s most important to you. One of my own personal favorite gifts given to me is a calendar that captures my creative thinking and I absolutely love it!

It’s a colorful calendar that has a scripture for each month. I love it! I read about the illustrator of the calendar and it gave me inspiration to create something myself. You never know what will give you inspiration. I looked at each design for every month and it wasn’t just your ordinary calendar. It took thought and a love to bring joy to someone each new month through their personal designs that came from scripture. I saw the creativity in someone else that gave me the confidence to write in my blog. Sometimes it’s the little things that give you inspiration. I’m looking at my calendar for March with a big cupcake with sprinkles with the word friendship right by it and the word soul. I would have to say that’s a lot like my Restoration and Hope Blog.


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