Carefree Times

It’s funny how one word can bring back so many memories from your childhood. You read all the various blog posts about Spring. Lots of the posts talk about gardening and instantly it brought back memories for me about my childhood. The last couple years a lot of talk has been about community gardens. It got me thinking about when a neighbor asked my parents if they wanted to plant some fruits and vegetables in our neighbor’s garden along with another neighbor. I remember going with my dad to tend are side of the garden. It’s funny how I can remember that but it must of been father-daughter time and my dad means the world to me. Sweet Memories!

You think back on those sweet moments in the spring. I call those carefree times. My mom would make her tea and put pitcher full outside in the sun. It was one of her favorite things to do. My sister and I would walk to my grandparent’s house and it was a blessing to have them just within walking distance. I don’t even think it took 5 minutes to walk to their house. I remember riding my bike throughout the neighborhood. Carefree days!

Bring back some carefree days in your life. Find a beautiful place where you can take in the beauty of nature. Throw around that baseball or softball with your kids, grandkids, or friends. Enjoy fishing on the lake. Create those long-lasting memories.


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