Music Is Connection Piece

Nothing Like Live Music! Just saw one of my favorite music artist post her upcoming tour dates and if your anything like me when it comes to music Yassss! You are full of excitement! I’ve seen two of my absolute favorite music artist in concert. What makes it even better is when you can watch them in the same exact concert.

I love hearing that bass pumping before they even set foot on stage. A musician that’s truly great at their craft will give you a concert that is memorable. You are around all the fans and everyone is yelling and screaming from excitement when they step foot on stage. At that particular time you feel carefree in that moment. As my previous post discussed take time to have those carefree moments in life. Check out all the upcoming dates for music festivals and concerts make a selection or a few selections if you so choose. Be happy in that moment!

Restoration and Hope Blog is all about restoring, encouraging, inspiring, and showing how we are all connected in different ways. Music is a connection piece.


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