Can I Press Pause?

via Daily Prompt: Pause

Can I press pause? Oh don’t we all want a press pause moment. I’m sure we all could think of various scenarios in are life. Can I have a press pause moment? Please! The moment someone ticks you off and the next thing you know all kinds of words fly out your mouth. If only I had a press pause moment to think about about the situation and how best to handle it before opening my mouth.(lol) If you’re like me a press pause button on a family member or friend that’s about to tell someone off.(lol) Oh! Moments like those a press pause button would come in handy.(lol) How about when your toddler is about to throw the ultimate tantrum right at the checkout line in front of the candy section with lots of people looking right at you? All the various stares and passing judgment without even knowing you. Please let me and my child get up out of this store quickly kind of moment. We’ve all had a moment or two where pressing pause would be a great option! But in all reality we don’t have a press pause button. You have to keep it moving and learn that everyday meets new challenges in life. For some it might be resisting the urge to cuss someone out that made you mad and instead think before you speak. The mother that has a child throwing a tantrum and think to herself I’m handling the situation the best I can and this will pass. Be confident in knowing that yes you will meet new challenges in life but you will be Victorious!


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