Declutter Your Bedroom Closet

Declutter! Declutter Declutter! How about we all say this 3 times and amazingly everything in your closet is all organized and absolutely no declutter to be seen. Right!

You won’t find too many people thrilled to clean out their closet, yet it’s something that needs to be done. Let’s face it who has the time to search through all the clothes when you need to be out the door in a hurry. A great way to help lessen the stress trying to get out the door is having an organized and clutter-free closet.

First Step

Gather a couple of baskets to collect clothing items and shoes that you no longer wear. The items collected will go to a donation center of your choice or you have a lot of options to resell items online which would be great if your saving for a vacation. If you haven’t worn the clothing item or shoes in a year it’s time to let the item go. If you’re having a problem letting go of items just think about the opportunity to help someone else. For instance, if you have business wear that would be great for someone that is going on an interview or starting a new position that requires business attire your donation or resell of an item would help someone tremendously.

Second Step

You need a trash bag and anything that is junk old papers that kind of stuff. You need to place in your trash bag and take to your local recycling center. If you find papers that are important to keep place them in a folder.

Third Step

Everything should be out of the closet but the clothing items and shoes you want to keep now. Next, group your clothing items by the season. Here is a great opportunity to store clothes that are out of season in a plastic container. This will help relieve some space in your closet.

Fourth Step

Now you want to take the clothing items that you have created groups for by now you should have out of season clothing items put away in a plastic container. You take the clothing items that are in season and begin to group them up by garment those items consist of pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, suits, etc. If you have the money purchase a closet organizer which will make it that much easier to place your items. If not that’s perfectly fine place your items by each garment category into your closet.

Next, shoes can be organized in the same way by item heels, flats, boots, tennis shoes, etc. If you can find an organizer for shoes such as cubes that are stackable that would be great to utilize in keeping your shoes organized in your closet. A lot of major retailers have great options for you to choose from. Cubes have come a long way in design since I was a teenager.

Now that you’ve gone through the steps to declutter your closet. You shouldn’t be stressed the moment you open your closet door. All your items should be visible to see in an organized fashion which is a great way to begin your mornings. Your morning will start out clutter free! I’d say that alone is a breath of fresh air at least to me.


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