Declutter! Declutter! Again! Declutter!

Declutter! Declutter Declutter! How about we all say this 3 times and amazingly everything is all done in your house, apartment, or office. Oh, feel free to add on to that list if you would like to.(lol) How many of us enjoy decluttering our closets especially on a Saturday? A show of hands please (lol) Just what I thought nobody probably raising their hand on that one except for maybe a few. A great way to get you motivated is think about a place or someone that could benefit from your items. You have a lot of choices now to donate or sell your items. Look for thrift stores in your area that take donated items. If you’re interested in selling your items social media is a great way with many choices which consist of local swap shops or social commerce marketplaces. You just have to do your research and find what option works best for you.

Once you get your items collected that you would like to donate or sell place them in a basket out of the way. Next, it’s time to tackle the rest of your closet or closets. You need to make sure that you removed all items that don’t need to be in the closet and make sure it goes in it’s designated space. If you have items that need to be recycled or hauled off to the trash now is the time. If any of you are like me I had old mail and papers stashed in the closet.(lol) Ridiculous I know but hey it happens to the best of us. I walked into my closet and felt good that the clutter was now gone. It’s unbelievable how much stuff you can collect in a short amount of time.

Happy Decluttering! Trust me you will feel a sense of relief knowing that you have that task out of the way.


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