Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie, you wonder why is this a title of my blog post. It was the topic of conversation between my grandmother and I. Certain holidays bring back memories of loved ones that I hold dear to my heart. As Easter is soon to arrive in a few days it brought me back to a conversation I had with my grandmother. I was middle school age and discovering my zeal for baking. Who better to share my excitement with- My Grandmother. I had told my grandmother about my baking endeavors particularly Cherry Pie. On this particular day I was preparing to make another one and had told my grandmother about it. “Ring” “Ring” goes the telephone and I answer who else other than my grandmother on the other line. She wanted to know how my Cherry Pie had turned out. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. The excitement telling my grandmother and the excitement in her voice wanting to know all the details. Even though she wasn’t standing in front of me I can see her smiling as I tell her all about my baking excursion that day.

Do certain holidays have you reminiscing about special memories with your loved ones?



  1. Ritu · 4 Days Ago

    There are always connections reminding me of different people and occasions! So lovely for you 💜


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