The Importance of Mentorship

A discussion about education and educators the importance of helping students see their potential. Most memorable teachers can be the ones that help students achieve their goals. A teacher that encourages his/her students to pursue their skills and talents it helps build confidence. An atmosphere should be created to help students flourish from the moment they step foot in the school (pre-k or kindergarten) to the moment their high school diploma is handed to them. Educators make an impact on students’ educational endeavors by believing in their students. A teenager sitting in a business class that would be great for a public speaking competition but is unsure of his/her capabilities. An educator could make a great impact by encouraging that student or students to pursue that particular goal. It makes a difference when a student knows that a teacher believes in them.

The same goes for achieving higher education. A professor that engages with their students through academic discussions and providing dialogue that helps build students intellect on the subject helps build confidence and self esteem. Feedback is important from professors on assignments lets the student know where they are flourishing and what areas need more attention. It’s a chance to provide encouragement to students.

I plan to have a series of posts about the importance of mentors through spring/summer 2017.

If you’d like to leave a comment about an educator or educators that was a great mentor to you. Please share in the comment section.


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