You know how you read a book or watch a movie and get inspiration for your life. I especially love when the overall theme is to just let go and enjoy life. I think we all need that check in are lives every now and then. Some are better at just letting go and enjoying life than others. Of course we all have obligations that’s a given. Yet, do we take the time to truly enjoy life. I find the greatest times when conquering a fear of mine. It’s INVIGORATING! I remember getting on a Ferris Wheel, yes laugh at me if you want to but it was a fear of mine. I don’t like heights at all even though I’m a tall person.(lol) I was at Mall of America and decided to conquer this fear of mine. I was shaking like a leaf stepping foot into the compartment to ride on the ferris wheel but I DID IT!

We sometimes want to live in are past (the good times). You know it’s ok to make new memories and enjoy your life to the fullest. We have so much life to live. LIVE IT!


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