I found myself needing a moment of clarity in my life this week. It led me to wonder what others do to find clarity for themselves. For me I wanted to play one of my favorite songs that kind of described how I was feeling and yet reinforced confidence that I’m all that!(lol) I got it going on and don’t let matters of the heart try to tell me differently. I just needed to get it together. You find moments in your life where you might need to make big decisions career, relationships, and etc. I’m sure you probably have your own list to fill out for etc. Now don’t get me wrong when it’s something major that I need clarity on I pray and read my bible. I still wonder what others do for clarity in their life. Do you talk to a close confidant? Do you find a peaceful place to sit and think about things? Do you talk to a colleague? Do you speak to a family member? Do you pray about it? Do you read the bible?

For that moment this week that song lifted my spirits and brought me some clarity along with it! If you’re a fan of Jill Scott music. You already know! She is a fabulous singer and lyricist.

At times for a moment of clarity of what really matters in life. I need to be surrounded by nature (trees, flowers, grass, birds, a beautiful lake nearby). I’ve added this beautiful photo of flowers that are beautiful in my eyes. Thought I would share.

Take Care!



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