New Podcast Episode-Mentorship Part 2

A new podcast episode for Mentorship Series has been uploaded on Soundcloud. I find this subject very exciting and important to talk about. This particular episode focuses on students out on summer break. The importance to find youth organizations that have wonderful mentors to help provide resources and tools for your child/children. It’s important to do your research about various youth organizations and talk to people you know that can provide some suggestions. You want to find a youth organization thats best suited for your child.

Also, this episode discusses college students taking advantage of all the opportunities to intern for various companies. A lot of great mentors that will enhance your knowledge on your particular field of study and give you more of a hands on experience of working in your career field. Also, provide wisdom on different aspects in life.

The episode does discuss mentorship is for all ages. I go more in depth in the podcast about the importance of having mentors throughout our lives.

Please, come and listen to this latest episode.

Take Care


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