It’s that time of year again for a lot of families. As a community it’s important to start the year off great for are students. A lot of you have been on family vacations enjoying that time together. A moment to put all the obligations and responsibilities throughout a work week on hold, just enjoy family time.

Now is the time to encourage your child/children as they begin their academic endeavors again and reach new goals throughout the school year. Encourage your child to join an afterschool activity (academic club, social club, music, sport’s team) I’m sure the list could go on and on. Sometimes kids just need that boost of confidence to pursue a dream.

Of course, I have to say something about the Music Program. I can’t emphasis enough the benefits of your child/children participating in the music program. The Music Program is an opportunity to challenge your child. The focus that happens from learning how to play or sing each note in a song, brings a sense of gratification for students. It helps the overall self-esteem for students to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Also, it’s important to pray with your child/children about the school year. I think that is most important above all the other priorities. Let them know that God is with them always. To give them that foundation, I think that is very important. Also, take time during the week to have devotion.

Also, I’m a big advocate on eating dinner at the table as a family. I know as a kid that was one thing that my parents made sure we did as a family. A lot of great stories are told to this day. Great Memories!

The colors chosen for this particular image on my blog post are none other than my childhood and teen years school colors (orange and black). Go Tigers!

Take Care



  1. Ritu · August 19

    We have two weeks to go….


    • Ivy · August 19

      Fundraisers are in full swing here and this is the last weekend before school starts.


  2. Rated by Hanna · August 19

    Oh right that’s around the corner. Totally agree that preserving music in education is very important. I took band through the years of elementary through high school and that was definitely one of the most memorable parts of my education experience. Haha I think Tigers are a common mascot since that was one of the ones for my school too. Hope it goes smoothly!


    • Ivy · August 19

      I took band as well loved it. I have a heart for the arts.

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  3. KathrinS · August 22

    So true! Music really is important for children – and so are other often undervalued subjects like art and P.E. A well-rounded education is key.

    Kathrin —

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ivy · August 22

      Agree totally “well-rounded education is key” I think it’s very important for our youth.

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  4. drallisonbrown · September 7

    Family dinner is so important! It’s amazing how often this doesn’t happen (I’m a school counselor, so I pay attention to this stuff…) 🙂


    • Ivy · September 7

      Yes, family dinner is important and happens to be something I remember from my childhood. No TV around or anything. Now of course parents have to deal with cell phones now. Cell phones weren’t popular at all during my childhood.

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